What Our Game Server Hosting Guarantees


Will I have full remote controls of the server?

Yes, You will be able to turn on, turn off and restart the server at any given time.

Will I be able to install any OS on my dedicated server?

Yes, long as your not installing any illegal software

Do you offer support?

Yes we will offer you support on how to do things, but we do not manage the servers.

Do you offer custom setups?

Yes we do!, You can get in touch and we will see what we can do in terms of hardware configurations, all our servers available do have many diffrent options.

Do you offer DDoS protection and can I upgrade?

We currently offer the following DDoS protection for our London Location.
All our dedicated servers and come with protection of 10Gb/s as standard.
Our London network mitigates all types of TCP and UDP attacks with no outages.
Always on mode - no connection drop when an attack hits with instant mitigation
Our London DDoS protection is upgradeable to 250Gb/s / 250Mpps.