DDOS Protected VPS Hosting

What Our Seattle DDOS Protected KVM VPS Hosting Guarantees

All our E5 VPS hosting plans are located in Seattle, USA with 20Gb/s (30Mpps) DDoS protection including Layer 7, which are running

Control Panel

We have a web control panel where you will be able to do the following below
Remove Power Control
Allocate more IPs
Reinstall your operating system with ease
Manage multiple servers from one dashboard
Change root password
View your server's screen via VNC
rDNS management
Custom ISO upload

Our Support

We provide support all day, everyday, with a guaranteed response within 12 hours.

DDOS Protection

Our Seattle location, based in Wowrack's South Seattle data centre, takes advantage of a cross connect from CNServers in the Westin Building to provide our DDoS Protection. Mitigates attacks up to 20Gb/s / 20Mpps with a burst of 40Gb/s Mitigates all types of TCP Attack UDP is temporarily blocked when a UDP attack is received except for DNS Always on mode - no connection drop when an attack hits with instant mitigation.


How long dose it take to deploy A VPS?

As soon as you pay the invoice an automatic email will be sent out with all the login information to access the vps you require.

Do you offer Deadicated Ips?

Yes we do from $2.99 per month.

What is DDOS Protection?

DDOS protection means Distributed Denial of Service attack, we have the resources and security procedures in place to prevent minimum downtime for your website.